libptp2 (c)2001-2011 Mariusz Woloszyn < emsi[A@T] >
ptpcam  (c)2001-2011 Mariusz Woloszyn < emsi[A@T] >

*What is libptp2?*

libptp2 is a library used to communicate with PTP devices like still
imaging cameras or MP3 players (KODAK mc3). You can download files
or tweak camera properties using ptpcam program boundled with libptp2.

*Supported Cameras*

The list of cameras implementing PTP is constantly growing. Most (if not all)
USB still cameras designed after 2002 are supporting PTP.
Below is the list of vendors implementing PTP in their cameras:

 * Kodak
 * HP
 * Nikon
 * Canon
 * Panasonic
 * Olympus
 * Konica
 * Minolta
 * Fuji
 * Ricoh
 * Sony

More are comming... :)

Please note that if your camera is supporting PTP it does not mean that
it is capable of performing all PTP operations (like trigerring capture,
uploading files or tweaking properties). Sony cameras are good example of
poor PTP implementation where the only thing you can do is downloading files.
Sony even breaks the USB specification assigning all its cameras the same 
product/vendor IDs so don't buy Sony if you want to stay out of problems.

*Supported Features*

Currently most PTP features are supported. Uploading/downloading files,
taking pictures and setting camera properties is supported as long as your
camera supports it. However there are many Vendor Extensions that are not 
supported. For example Canon uses some proprietary extension operations
to take pictures (entering capture mode, extending lens and so on), Nikon
introduces proprietary PTP properties.
Unfortunately I have access to couple of Nikon and Kodak cameras only
so to help support extension features you may send me a patch or
donate/lend the camera.

Big thanks goes to:
Tim Looney (Kodak) for providing me access to Kodak cameras.
Nico Berndt for donating a lovely D200 camera.